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About Miss Supranational Ireland

In 2019, Jessica VanGaalen made history as the first Miss Ireland to place in the Semi-Finals at Miss Supranational. The 11th edition took place in Katowice, Poland on December 6, 2019 and not only had the largest stage thus far (even larger than the Miss Universe stage) but ​had the largest class of delegates to date (over 80 countries competed). Jessica VanGaalen made Ireland proud when she not only placed in the top 25 (Rank #23) making history, but also won Supra Chat / Best Interview.


After competing in 2019, Jessica chose to become the new Miss Supranational Ireland Director. Prior to becoming the National Director, Miss Ireland was an appointed title by the International team. Due to COVID-19, Ms VanGaalen decided to appoint her successor and first titleholder for the 12th edition of Miss Supranational. For the 13th edition, she plans on holding a star search competition and in-person final production in Dublin, Ireland.


Miss Supranational 

The first Miss Supranational pageant was held in Poland back in 2009. The first year there were almost 40 countries who participated and ten years later that number had more than doubled! In 2019, there were over 80 countries apart of the 11th edition of Miss Supranational.

Miss Supranational has developed into one of the world’s most prestigious live TV Shows and Pageants. The 2010 and 2011 editions were broadcasted live by satellite from Plock, Poland but in 2012 the competition changed locations and moved the event to the capital city of Poland, Warsaw. In 2013, with interest growing internationally, the pageant travelled for the first time to another country. The capital city of Belarus, Minsk, played host to a spectacular show which was presented the Global Beauties Award for BEST STAGE of the year beating the more traditional and established pageants. The 2014 pageant returned to its roots in Poland and has remained there since. The show’s television audience has grown remarkably fast since the beginning and now rivals other pageants as having worldwide audiences of more than 100 Million people in more than 140 countries. The 11th edition of Miss Supranational had the largest stage to date and was larger than the Grand Slam stages.

After having to cancel the 2020 competition due to COVID-19, Miss Supranational is set to return August 2021 in Poland for the 12th edition.


Miss Supranational  2019

Anntonia Porsild is half Thai, half Danish and speaks two languages (English and Thai). She grew up in Vietnam but has lived in 7 countries. Anntonia believes self-love and self-belief are key qualities for personal development. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, playing sports and volunteer work.

Anntonia’s future goals include owning an Advertising and PR firm, which would change the perspective of beauty in the industry. She also hopes to start a foundation that focuses on mental and physical health education for children. She feels very strongly about inspiring a positive change in the world.

During her reign, she focused on charitable causes, tourism and health. 

2019 Title winners

Miss Supranational 2019: Anntonia Porsild (Thailand)

1st runner-up: Yana Haenisch (Namibia)

2nd runner-up: Jesica Fitriana M. (Indonesia)

3rd runner-up: Janick Maceta (Peru)

4th runner-up: Gabriela de la Cruz (Venezuela)

2019 Continental Titles

Miss Supranational Africa: Cameroon

Miss Supranational Americas: United States

Miss Supranational Asia: Vietnam

Miss Supranational Caribbean: Dominican Republic

Miss Supranational Europe: Czech Republic

Miss Supranational Oceania: New Zealand

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