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Jessica Hopper - Miss Supranational Ireland 2021

Jessica Hopper is a 27 year old Irish American who plans on impacting the world with her platform, SAFEHomes. Growing up in an abusive home, Jessica knows first hand how the home life impacts the development of children and how delicate the healing process is for victims of abuse. She’s lead national and global campaigns featuring her mission of SAFE homes, focusing on stability, allocation, family and education for children.


Jessica isn’t just a public speaker or children’s advocate though, she’s also a regional study coordinator who emphasizes her companies mission “To improve Health and improve Lives”. She’s also a part time model who has been featured on Vizcaya swimwear, RNR Fits (an Ireland based fitness brand) and is currently featured on a Miami billboard.


As for pageantry, Jessica has held multiple prestigious titles and has placed in the top 10 at six national pageants. She launched “Hopper Styles”, a pageant coaching company that focuses on developing ‘Queens for the Real World’. Her dream was to represent Ireland on the international stage so she could take her platform globally and she’s doing just that!


Jessica is an entrepreneur who believes every voice should be heard and that together, we can end the cycle of child abuse. As she says “every child deserves a safe home”.

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