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Jessica VanGaalen - Miss Supranational Ireland 2019

Jessica VanGaalen is a Model, Actress, Hair/Makeup Artist, Photographer, Boutique Owner, and Singer. She's also a Beauty Queen, Pageant Coach and the new Miss Supranational Ireland Director. Jessica has her Bachelors of Arts in Film and Media Studies, a Minor in Theatre and a Certificate in Entertainment Technology; she also graduated from University a year early with Magna Cume Laude Honors and did a semester abroad in Australia. 

Jessica loves to travel and has been to 23 countries across 6 continents; she's also very adventurous and has been skydiving three times. If you can name it, she's probably done it - bungee jumping, snowboarding, kayaking, abseiling, rocket launching, Nevis Arc Swing, horseback riding, parasailing, hot air balloons, etc. She hopes to hit "30 countries during 30" in 2021.

On December 6, 2019, Jessica VanGaalen made history as the first Miss Ireland to place in the semi-finals at Miss Supranational. She also won Best Interview and Supra Chat. Since then, she's became the new Ireland director for Miss Supranational.

Jessica is incredibly ambitious and has multiple businesses, but more than anything she loves traveling, trying new things and being active. She is a huge nerd and loves all things DC, Marvel, LoTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek and so forth! She also loves exploring Mother Nature, cuddling with her dogs, watching tv, worshiping the Lord, spending quality time with her family and volunteering. Her platform, Futures Without Violence, is a nonprofit organization that works with multiple campaigns (rape survivors, racism campaigns, child endangerment, etc) to end ALL violence.

Jessica has been competing in Pageants since Nov 2015 and since then has held four national titles and has competed globally five times; she's also held a handful of prestigious state and regional titles. Jessica competed in her first pageant on a whim, thinking she wouldn't be hooked or have the desire to compete again, but that quickly changed after her first competition. Pageantry teaches you self-love, discipline, public speaking skills, the value of sister-hood, how to accept rejection, gain confidence and so much more! Pageantry isn't just glamour, it's using your voice to impact the world in a positive way.

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